About Brasov Talent Agency

Brasov Talent Agency is owned and operated by Global Film Studio Inc., a Canadian company federally incorporated. The talents represented by Brasov Talent Agency are all English speaking and recommended by film director Bruno Pischiutta (IMDB Profile) who is directing and executive producing eight feature films and eight documentaries in the next three years that are financed by Global Film Studio. English speaking talents are welcome to apply to be represented by the Agency. There is no age limit. Interviews may be conducted via Skype.

Brasov Talent Agency is in charge of providing international launch and representation to English speaking film actors only.

The talents represented by the Agency are provided with either an exclusive or a non-exclusive contract. Brasov Talent Agency is unique in the world and it offers to new and emerging talents the best deal, the best assistance and the best possibilities. The Agency applies the Hollywood system of the Studios used in the 50s to create Stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and many others. Brasov Talent Agency is reaching higher results every day and it is qualifying itself as one of the best talent agencies in the industry.

Talents are NOT charged any fees whatsoever for joining the Agency.

Actors will work in:

• Global Film Studio’s film productions;
• Other film productions in English language;
• Hosting and/or presenting Special Events;
• TV commercials;
• Photo Modeling.

Bruno Pischiutta
Bruno Pischiutta

Talents from all over the world are welcome to contact Film Director Bruno Pischiutta, the Executive in Charge of the Agency, if they wish to apply to be represented by Brasov Talent Agency. For more information about Bruno, visit his IMDB profile: imdb-logo

Contact Bruno Pischiutta at: b.pischiutta@rollywood.org

Here is what it has been decided by the Board of Directors of Global Film Studio until now:

  • to create a division of Global Film Studio Inc. under the name of ‘Brasov Talent Agency’;
  • that the one executive in charge of the division is Bruno Pischiutta. He has full power to sign contracts with talents, to decide their daily fees and, when applicable, their engagement fees;
  • to use three basic contracts when engaging the talents: one exclusive contract and two non exclusive contracts. These contracts have been structured by Bruno Pischiutta to give to the new division maximum efficiency;
  • to invest in the Brasov Talent Agency $5.2M (€4M); an investment of over $1.5M has already been made.
Daria Trifu
Daria Trifu

General Manager

Film Producer Daria Trifu is the General Manager of Brasov Talent Agency. For more information about Daria, visit her IMDB and LinkedIn profiles: imdb-logo LinkedIn_logo_initials


For inquiries, Producers may contact us at:



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