Denisa Barvon

Name: Denisa Barvon

Exclusive Contract (E01)

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Height: 5’7″ in / 170 cm

Weight: 123 lbs / 56 kg

Country: Romania

Languages: English, Romanian




By Director Bruno Pischiutta

Published in Daria! magazine 2015

During my long career I wrote a few books, many screenplays and few articles, but I am definitely not a journalist. I wanted, however, to write this article because I was blessed to spend a lot of time with Denisa, in the last three years. I discovered her, I trained her and I am bringing her to international stardom.

Denisa is not “one in a million” she is “one in many millions”.

She wasn’t born with the silver spoon in her mouth; somebody may say that she was born, in Brasov, on the wrong side of the track. Her life was not easy; it is not easy. She can be very sensitive and kind but she can also be very hard and aggressive. She is a creature of contradiction.

It’s only a few months since Denisa’s 18th birthday. Two years ago, she graduated from an intensive Oxford system English language course and, later, that same year from my International Film Workshops program as an actress. One month ago she got her high school maturity diploma with brilliant marks from the Lyceum of Art ‘Hans Mattis Teutsch’ in Brasov.

She speaks English very well and without a foreign accent, she has an exclusive contract with our Talent Agency, Brasov Talent Agency, and she is one of the best young artists (sculptor and painter) in her country. She won the contest, in the Lyceum of Art, as the best sculptor for the design of the trophies of our festival, Brasov International Film Festival & Market, and she handmade each one of them that is being given to the festival award winners every year.

In 2013, at the age of 15, she won the contest the “Image of the Festival” (and, at the age of 16, she was featured on the Official Poster of the Festival. That year, she appeared for the first time on the giant screen of Reuters in Times Square, New York City. The following year, in 2014, at the age of 17, she was offered the starring role in the feature film THE BAD JOKE and she appeared once again on the Reuters screen in Times Square.

Denisa Barvon, the winner of the 2013 contest "The IMAGE of Brasov International Film Festival & Market" is featured on the official poster of the Festival.
Denisa Barvon, the winner of the 2013 contest “The IMAGE of Brasov International Film Festival & Market” is featured on the official poster of the Festival.


In 2013, Denisa has presented, together with me on the stage, the Brasov International Film Festival & Market. That year, she won a “Special Award”. Here is a 25 minutes documentary about the 2013 edition of the Festival.

She is 100% an artist. She thinks through colors and image composition all the time, not only when she is painting; for her, this is an automatic process. This happens when she puts on a little make-up before shootings, when she is acting, modeling or posing for pictures; when she is on the stage she acts, she stands and she performs through this automatic process with great results. To direct her in a photo-session or in any shootings’ circumstance is just a pleasure. You don’t need to talk much because she gets it immediately, and she always cooperates and improves on the director’s suggestions.

Now she has contract proposals to star in seven main stream feature films; she signed two of them so far. Hopefully, she will soon sign the other five… but you never know. I know what she could do, not what she will do, because she only follows talent and ideas, she has no interest in money, fame and career; she considers all these elements just consequences, not issues.

We, in show-business, are peculiar people. Maybe this is the charm; we can be smiling on the stage and looking great for camera, but sometimes we can be very depressed at the same time.

Do you know what Frank Sinatra was thinking when he sang “Stranger in the Night”? Do you know what Michael Jackson was thinking when he was performing in “Thriller?”.

She is young and she is looking for answers to a lot of questions. The talented painter and actress are her Ecstasy aspects. She has a great sense of humor, her presence fills the room and she is always the center of attention but, of course, all of this comes from the Agony, from a constant sense of tragedy that does not exclude death and suicide from its horizon.

Much evident is this dichotomy in these pictures, the sweet picture, the hard one, and the joker’s picture, they are aspects of the same mind and personality.

Not many people know that when she was 13 years old, before meeting Daria and me, she wrote, directed and produced a home-made movie.

The comparison that comes to mind when you think to Denisa is Jodie Foster.

Jodie was a star when she was very young and acted in “Taxi Driver” with Bob De Niro, and, today, after many years of a very successful acting career she is a celebrated film director and producer.

I can see Denisa directing and writing in the future; she will not be tied just to acting.

“The Only Fight”

This is a picture she took by herself. It is entitled “The Only Fight”. Can you do better with just a phone?

My apologies to the readers and to Denisa if I expressed a much too personal view and if I communicate ideas and visions about Denisa that are, maybe, only close to reality or are just wrong. 

I wrote, at the beginning of this little article, that I am not a journalist; Denisa is a great talent and, if she wants, she can be a film star but, for me, she will always be the 15 years old child who wanted to attend my Film Workshops but who didn’t know English. She learned and graduated from the Workshops the following year. When I write about her now, I feel, of course, personally involved.

Film Director Bruno Pischiutta introduces actress Denisa Barvon, the winner of the MMBF Rising Star Award 2015 which she has been presented with at the Brasov International Film Festival & Market.

Producer Daria Trifu and Denisa interview actor Florin Opritescu who lives and works in Spain and who has attended the Brasov International Film Festival & Market 2015 in Romania.

Denisa is interviewing Hollywood cinematographer Edward Button who has attended the Brasov International Film Festival 2015. Edward is the cinematographer and one of the producers of the feature film OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN, directed by Liz Hinlein and presented In-Competition at this year’s Festival. Edward has been awarded the ‘Best Cinematography” award at the Festival.

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Denisa Barvon – Daria! 2015

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Denisa Barvon has been featured in the 2013 issue of Daria! magazine – click on the article’s title hereunder to open the full magazine and go to page #47:

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Denisa Barvon is featured on the 2016 poster of Brasov International Film Festival & Market. The picture was taken by Denisa and she entitled it "The Only Fight".
Denisa Barvon is featured on the 2016 poster of Brasov International Film Festival & Market. The picture was taken by Denisa and she entitled it “The Only Fight”.