Claudia Carr

Name: Claudia Carr

Exclusive Contract

IMDB Profile

Height: 5’5″ in / 165 cm

Weight: 111 lbs / 50 kg

Country: Germany

Languages: English, German, Polish, Spanish


Claudia is a Polish-Hungarian actress living in Germany. She grew up in a small village next to Stuttgart. Her father was a famous footballer in Hungary and she credits his fitness regime for her fit and seductive figure.

Since she was very small Claudia was ambitious to become an actress; she was a member of the local theater and the ballet school. She even played the flute in the local orchestra; this helped her develop the warm but strong sound of voice that she possesses today. At 11 she played the lead role of “Jona” in the Gospel Choir directed by Angela Sieg and her solo was critiqued by the Stuttgarter Allgemeine Zeitung and defined as “a very classical, outstanding and strong voice”.

Claudia realized early that she had to leave the small village and move to the big city if she wanted to pursue a career in film acting and achieve international success.

An intelligent and even precocious teenager, she started to work in her early teens. At work she was a “normal person” but in her free time she was extravagant and liked to change hair color, make-up and styles.

Until now, Claudia gained some experience as a model; she worked with professional photographers and film producers.

At 21, she stopped everything and thought where to head next; she looked at herself and identified her true potential. She decided to dedicate herself fully to becoming a movie Star. A short time after, she signed her exclusive contract with Brasov Talent Agency and she is now proud to commence her international film career under the guidance and mentorship of film director Bruno Pischiutta.

Since signing with Brasov Talent Agency, Claudia has been cast to play an important and dramatic role in the upcoming feature film THE BAD JOKE, directed by Bruno Pischiutta and produced by Daria Trifu. Claudia is one of the very few talents being mentored by Pischiutta; the two have a strong creative bond aimed at transforming her into a top Hollywood movie Star.